Disputes arise. When the need arises for a proven strategic civil litigation partner, Varin Thomas LLC is here for you. Under the leadership of our founding partner Will Varin, we focus on every form of complex litigation and can represent your case at all stages of the litigation process – from initiating and responding to lawsuits to representation at trial and on appeal. But there’s more to our practice than one legal viewpoint. Standing behind Will, the combined experience of our diversified staff ensures you get tenacious representation backed by a team of subject matter experts.

Expert Choice for All your Litigation

Medical Negligence Actions


Contract Disputes

Shareholder and Membership Disputes

Employment Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Probate Actions

Medical Guardianships

Our Philosophy

We believe that providing excellent legal service is only the starting point. We respect the profoundly human context of what we do and so we continually improve our technology and business processes to meet your needs and change your expectations of what a law firm can be.

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