Intellectual Property

Varin Thomas LLC has extensive experience with intellectual property matters.  We have represented software and SaaS companies, IP-intensive startups, iPhone and other mobile device app developers, Internet retailers, producers of creative content, franchisees and franchisors, and other individuals and organizations wishing to protect intellectual property rights vis-à-vis employees, contractors, partners, customers, other third parties, and the general public.

Intellectual Property Experience


Trademark due diligence (pre-registration)

Registration of trademarks with USPTO

Responding to USPTO office actions

Trademark purchase and sale / assignment contracts (registered and unregistered)

Trademark security agreements and security interest perfection

Trademark infringement / dilution analysis and dispute resolution


Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Trade secret analysis and dispute resolution

Trade secret protection in government contracting / federal acquisition context

Invention assignment agreements

Confidentiality agreements / NDAs

Internet & E-commerce

Website terms of use

Website privacy policies

Website development contracts

Cybersquatting analysis and dispute resolution

Spam and CAN-SPAM Act compliance

Social media policies

Software, creative content, and copyrights

  • Software end user license agreements (shrink-wrap, click-wrap, and browse-wrap)
  • Custom software licenses
  • Media licenses (e.g., music, video)
  • API licenseses
  • Book sales contracts
  • Open source licensing analysis
  • Software development contracts (including off-shoring)
  • Work for hire agreements
  • Federal registration of copyrights
  • DMCA take-down notices
  • Copyright infringement dispute resolution (including file sharing-related)
  • Copyright purchase and sale / assignment contracts (registered and unregistered)
  • Copyright security agreements and security interest perfection
  • Software reseller agreements
  • Software escrow contracts

Our Philosophy

We believe that providing excellent legal service is only the starting point. We respect the profoundly human context of what we do and so we continually improve our technology and business processes to meet your needs and change your expectations of what a law firm can be.

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