There are many questions that arise at any single point in business ownership. Varin Thomas has considerable depth and breadth in its business and transactional practice, so we can help you confidently navigate them all. Anne Kunkel and the Varin Thomas team have the knowledge and experience to help you make every business law decision with confidence. We represent the smallest local micro-businesses and new Idaho franchisees to some of the most well-known regional institutions, including brand-new entrepreneurs to seasoned angel and private equity investors.

We support you across the entire spectrum of business legal needs


Business Formation

Identifying and protecting intellectual property

Real estate and property law

Raising capital, including loan opinions

Buying and selling a business and/or business assets



General corporate counsel

Our Philosophy

We believe that providing excellent legal service is only the starting point. We respect the profoundly human context of what we do and so we continually improve our technology and business processes to meet your needs and change your expectations of what a law firm can be.

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