Franchising is a popular and cost-effective way to get into and grow a business. With Idaho’s rapidly developing economy, franchising here and around the emerging Northwest is big business. Varin Thomas LLC can help you evaluate and make the most of franchise opportunities. Firm lead Anne C. Kunkel is one of Idaho’s top franchise attorneys, with experience and credentials that make her a smart choice in this specialty business law practice – for franchisors and franchisees. Because franchising is often related to real property and other legal matters like beer, wine and liquor licensing, Anne and the Varin Thomas LLC team can see you through your franchising journey from start to finish.

Our Franchise Legal Services 

Drafting, Analyzing, and Negotiating Franchise Agreements


Auditing Uniform Franchise Offering Circulars (UFOCs)


Overseeing Disclosures and Other Formalities for Potential Franchisees


Resolving Disputes

Negotiating Termination of Franchise Relationships

Effectuating the Sale of Franchises

Our Philosophy

We believe that providing excellent legal service is only the starting point. We respect the profoundly human context of what we do and so we continually improve our technology and business processes to meet your needs and change your expectations of what a law firm can be.

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